Welcome to Eagle Stark Regal Asset Management

ESRAM is a privately-owned investment advisory company dedicated to advising individuals, families, trusts, organisations and charitable institutions.

At ESRAM, we create bespoke financial solutions to safeguard and increase wealth. By using our extensive insight and measurable expertise, we offer sophisticated investment solutions that transform your most complex goals and requirements into quantifiable results.

Our advisory office has been based in Shenzhen since 2003 which has given us the opportunity to watch as China has transformed into the dominant world influence it is today.

During this time, we have also developed our business from being mainly an institutional investment company to one that now benefits a much broader cross-section of the global community. For more than a decade we have protected, preserved and grown the wealth of individuals, families, trusts, organisations and charitable institutions that have come to trust the excellent service and quality investment returns generated by our exceptional team at ESRAM.

Portfolio Management

Creating portfolios in line with our clients’ individual requirements is fundamental to what we do at ESRAM.

Retirement and Estate Planning

Some of our clients at ESRAM approach us in search of an overall financial strategy. Others have one specific goal in mind, such as funding higher education, retirement or estate planning. 

Insurance Services

A robust financial plan contains the right amount of insurance. Here at ESRAM, we appraise our clients' requirements for life, long-term care and injury insurance, as well as certain categories of business insurance.