How it Works at ESRAM

At Eagle Stark Regal Asset Management (ESRAM), we start off with a due diligence evaluation that covers much more than just numbers. We want to know your preferences, your ambitions and most significantly, have a good understanding of your fundamental financial concerns. This process brings together the quantitative and the emotional and social aspects.

By using the principles of behavioural finance and the insight we gain during the due diligence process we are able to reveal your individual challenges. With ongoing support and practical guidance, we will help you to better understand financial behaviours and broaden your point of view, ensuring that unpredictability and unforeseen events do not sidetrack you from accomplishing your long-term goals.

At ESRAM, we devote an equal amount of time and attention to the study and selection of the assets and classes that we invest into, always using quality and consistency as the key benchmarks. We are generally agnostic as to the means of entry to any individual asset class. We are always on the lookout for opportunities with the potential to outperform, although risk mitigation and the potential negative consequences of any investment decision are also fundamental considerations in managing wealth preservation.