Our Clients

At Eagle Stark Regal Asset Management (ESRAM), we join together with those in search of guidance with both the financial and emotional characteristics of success.

Our clients are mostly individuals and families who are astute, judicious investors with a hunger for new opportunities and we are proud to act as dynamic companions on that journey. We also work alongside many institutional clients, as well as non-profits and trusts.

You or your family may well have already attained a robust financial standing but would like to feel more assured enjoying your successes. ESRAM will become your trusted confidant with whom you can share both your concerns and aspirations — someone to provide sound support as well as offering forthright counsel when overseeing your finances.

Maybe you have moved beyond the scope of previous advice and are seeking a superior standard of support and ability. As an investor on a journey to discover outstanding opportunities, you expect a committed fellow traveller, one with extensive capabilities and appropriate skill. To supplement this, you also need a coherent, long-term stance to offset emotional, short-term responses to investment volatility and market intricacies.

For those who have had wealth passed to them, ESRAM will steer you towards becoming good custodians by coaching you about personal finance, critical financial decision-making and wealth preservation.

For those presently expanding their capital, we will help you to widen your asset base and prepare for the next phase of the journey to wealth creation.

For those who have already achieved financial security, ESRAM brings reassurance by demonstrating how to best protect and expand your assets, broaden your horizons, and streamline the range of financial complexities you may encounter.

For those handling institutional finances, non-profit organisations, trusts and endowments, we will lighten the weight of fiduciary responsibility. By clarifying your objectives and creating bespoke investment strategies ESRAM will become a central partner in helping achieve your ultimate mission.

Wherever you are on the road to wealth creation, one of the successes that has given us tremendous pride is the close group of talent that has come together at ESRAM. Our team includes doyens of research, strategy and client service, bringing together experience, insight and original thinking into one cohesive framework.

During the past few years, some of our clients have retired, and they and their families have witnessed the culmination of the plans that we mutually developed. We find this incredibly rewarding and take pleasure in guiding the next generations of these families in mapping out their own financial journeys with belief and confidence.

This is why we do it.