Portfolio Management

Creating portfolios in line with our clients’ individual requirements is fundamental to what we do at Eagle Stark Regal Asset Management (ESRAM). Clients approach us for several reasons. Some have already attained substantial financial resources over time but may lack guidance, direction or the time needed to manage their assets effectively. Others may have inherited their wealth or sold a business or real estate, and some are still in the process of growing their wealth. All would like to maximise and protect their financial situation and appreciate the advantages of ESRAM’s professional services.

With our clients’ differing requirements being our number one concern, each portfolio is created individually. When constructing a portfolio, we:

  • Highlight aims and objectives
  • Evaluate existing holdings and performance
  • Determine risk tolerance
  • Draw up a detailed strategy
  • Evaluate asset allocation and review on a frequent basis

Our client-focused approach acknowledges that each client is unique, so our strategy and services are tailored to meet the requirements of every individual portfolio.

We are motivated by our ambition to find strategies and sectors that will deliver extra value to your portfolio. This approach gives us the ability to connect you with opportunities our competitors never even discover. We are relentless in our quest to identify favourable investments in advance of the mainstream.

We are meticulous and thorough, and our core investment strategies are proven and reliable. Nevertheless, when we identify an opportunity to improve your portfolio, we are not afraid to have faith in our assessments, gained by decades of experience, and to deviate from the mainstream perspective.

When managing your portfolio, we do take a longer-term view, but we still allow ourselves scope to take advantage of market anomalies and other short-term opportunities to increase returns or minimise risk.